10. Profitable Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

Student Business Ideas in the Philippines

The demand for online therapy is high because of the stress and mental health issues that many people experience. This type of negosyo business is ideal for licensed therapists.

Milk tea is a staple for most Filipinos and its popularity has been growing. This negosyo business is easy to set up with a minimal capital.

1. Cellphone-Loading Business

The Philippines has one of the highest consumers of cellular load. It’s a great source of income for many Filipinos since most of us are always connected online via our phones (cellphones, tablets, pocket wi-fi).

With a capital of less than PHP2,000, you can start your own cellphone loading business and earn extra income. This is a suitable small business idea in the Philippines for housewives, students, kasambahay, and even OFWs.

2. Piso Wi-Fi

The Pisonet, or coin-operated internet, was a lifeline during the pandemic. It was the only way people could access the internet and stay connected with their family, work, and schooling.

This new vending business in the Philippines resembles an ordinary vending machine but will activate a WiFi Internet hotspot for a fee of one peso per hour. This will make it possible for many who can’t afford to subscribe to a monthly internet package.

3. Meal Plan and Delivery Business

With a good marketing strategy, this can be a very profitable business. It could focus on Filipino, Italian, or Chinese cuisine.

Despite the recent government regulations, the traditional jeepney is still popular with many Filipinos. With the right franchise, you can start a jeepney food cart business that also offers other snacks and drinks.

Milk tea is a huge hit in the Philippines. With its fresh ingredients and chewy boba pearls, it’s a great beverage to drink on rainy or hot days.

4. Food Cart Business

Many people believe that the food cart business is a quick way to make money. It’s also a good idea for beginners because it doesn’t require much capital.

The beauty reselling business is another popular option among Filipinos. This business is highly profitable and can be done at home.

Moreover, the milk tea and boba bubble tea business is highly lucrative in the Philippines. This is because of the popularity of these drinks among Filipinos.

5. Sari-Sari Store

Sari-sari stores, meaning neighborhood variety store, are a common sight in every corner of the street and some subdivisions. They usually sell household goods like detergents and cell phone prepaid load, basic toiletries, as well as canned food and noodles.

Some even sell milk tea with chewy boba pearls that are popular among Filipinos. It requires minimal start-up capital as they can operate their business from the front of their house with some renovation work.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Store

With growing awareness about healthy eating habits, more people are turning to fruits and vegetables as a natural substitute for sugar and fats. This makes a fruit and vegetable business an excellent low-capital idea.

Filipinos are accustomed to “go” foods like rice and meat, but the highlight of any meal are the glow food items—fruits and veggies. Sell these at a reasonable price and you’ll be on your way to success.

7. Alteration Shop

There are lots of money-making businesses that require minimal capital and are easy to set up. Some even don’t need to pay for a space or rent, so you can save more on your monthly expenses.

A home salon business lets you hone your skills and earn extra cash on the side. The starting capital for this in-demand home-based business ranges from P10,000 to P30,000, depending on the materials you use.

8. Adventure Tourism Business

In the Philippines, a country of many outdoor experiences, adventure tourism businesses can be highly profitable. You just have to market packages to both local and international tourists, and you should be willing to invest in marketing.

Many Filipinos treat their pets like family members, so a pet supplies business is one of the fastest-growing small business ideas in the country. You can offer products such as toys, food, grooming supplies, and accessories.

9. Water Refilling Station

As a student, you can start your business by opening a water refilling station. This is a profitable business that can generate good revenue throughout the year. Since people need water to survive, demand for your product will never drop.

But like any other business, water refilling stations aren’t easy to set up. It’s essential that you research carefully and evaluate whether this is the right business for you.

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